Tuesday, December 30, 2014

10 Best Outfits of 2014

Wow, where did 2014 go? It seems like the older I get the quicker the years go by. Luckily 2014 was a really good year for HelloNovember. I feel like every year I figure myself out a little bit more. One of the best things about having a personal style blog is self discovery.
This year I've discovered my love for neutrals (which is quite apparent when you look through my top ten). I really don't think I could have told you what "my style" was before I started HelloNovember, and although it's ever-changing, and I'm still sort of figuring it out as I go, I have a much better idea than ever before. Anyway, without further ado, here are my ten favorite outfits from 2014:

So what is "my style"? I've realized my favorite outfits are the simple ones. I like denim, stripes, and the color olive/military green. I also like leopard print accessories and of course, hats, but like I said, my style is ever-changing. I like trying out trends but I also find myself more and more drawn to classic pieces. Looking back on the past year has me even more excited for what's to come in 2015.
Hope you also had a good 2014!


  1. Love the look back on all your outfits!! It's neat watching your hair change as well!! Love the bangs!

    1. Thank you! & it sort of funny how my hair changes with the seasons lol. :)