Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Spring

Your eyes do not deceive you, those are sandals on my feet. That's right you guys, spring is on it's way in. Or at least I'm going to start pretending it's spring anyway. I'm still not ready for shorts (maybe next week?), so sandals it is. Baby steps.

 This outfit was actually inspired by this pin. I don't have a leopard scarf like the girl in the pin, so I opted for this striped beige cardigan for a little bit of a pattern in an otherwise pretty simple outfit.
Oh but I love simple, and I really love white with olive green.

 This white top was thrifted awhile back. I just had to grab it when I saw the crocheted neckline. The glasses were also thrifted. Literally everything else is from JCP. 

 I must confess that this is the only white top I own. I actually really like white clothing and I've been drooling over pins with white jeans like crazy, but I'm one of those people who really can't be trusted with white clothing. I'm sort of surprised I haven't stained this one yet... may have jinxed myself there.

I'm gonna try to incorporate more white into my wardrobe because it's just so perfect for spring. 
Which means you may be seeing a lot of this top. Sorry in advance ;)

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