Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Bangs + Layering Favorites

Well as you can see I have cut my bangs. I had been trying to grow them out for over a year now and had begun to think about giving them try a few months ago. I have gone through this cycle SO many times already and everytime I brought it up my husband reminded me about how unhappy I'd been the last time I had bangs and he always encouraged me to give it more thought. This cycle continued that way for several months. I dyed my hair thinking that maybe I was just itching to cut my bangs again because I was just simply bored with my hair (which as you know this happens quite frequently). Dyeing my hair did help a bit a first but then again in a few weeks I would be thinking about it again.

 One day recently I had made up my mind about the matter and told myself that yes, I would in fact have bangs again soon, at least before the weather begins to warm up again. I've convinced myself that having bangs with protect my forehead from sun exposure and whatnot. Anyway, the day finally came when I had summoned up enough courage to bring it up again to my Husband, and this time he said go for it. I agreed that I'd probably thought it over long enough, and since I kept coming back to it that I should probably just do it already. So I did. And I'm happy with how they came out. So new year, new hair. I'm really excited for these little changes to begin in 2014.

 As for my outfit it is actually quite a simple one but I loved how this all looked together. I wore my black short-sleeved dress from Khols over a denim button-up from JCP and dressed up the collar a bit more with a gold bib necklace from F21.

 I wanted to pick up with gold accents a bit so I also wore this cognac satchel with gold buckles and finished off the outfit with these greige (grey-beige) booties from Target.
I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit or some variation of this outfit again soon. I really ended up loving how the button-up shirt looked layered under this dress. 
I wanted to try something different, and I'm so glad I did.
Until Next Time,


  1. I'm a huge fan of bangs...probably because I've had them for 6 years I'm Team Bangs. Your bangs look perfect and lovely! Two thumbs up!

  2. thank you! I'm thinking they're going to be around for a while too, I'm really happy with them!

  3. So cute! I love the bangs and I love the outfit. You pull off bangs so well :) I think it was meant for you.


  4. thank you! I definitely feel like it was the right choice for me. so happy with the results :)