Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Ideas for Easy Handmade Gifts

Well the count down is officially on. We are just days away from Christmas now so hopefully you have finished all your Christmas shopping. If you haven't quite finished that's okay too, because today I'm sharing five easy DIY projects to inspire you to make a gift for someone on your list.
1. Lyric Art Work
How about a DIY lyric painting with a loved one's favorite song, or you could even use a favorite quote!

2. Custom Crocheted Doilies
Okay so this one does require a minimal crocheting skills, but after watching a youtube video about crocheting you could make your very own Crocheted Doily to gift to a friend.

3. DIY Turban Headband
Every girl has a bad hair day once in a while, make one of these Turban Headbands and save a friend from just such an occasion.

4. Custom Weaving

If you aren't particularly familiar with crocheting but have some yarn on hand try making a Woven Wall Hanging to give to a friend in need of wall decor.

5. Painted Jewelry Box
If you want to give a unique gift try gifting a painted jewelry box to match your friend's taste.

I hope these 5 DIY projects inspired you to give a handmade gift to one of you're loved one's this year.
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