Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dressed in Holiday Style

You just can't go wrong with wearing plaid around Christmas. There is just something so classic and timeless about it and it just seems to go hand in hand with this time of year.
This beige plaid skirt was thrifted late last month and I knew then that it would get a lot a wear time this December. It's a really great length and because it's neutral it pairs up well with a lot of items in my closet. This was definitely an exciting thrifting find.

I decided to wear it with my button up denim dress (worn as a top) because denim is also so timeless and easy to wear as well. I added my moccasins to the ensemble to complete the woodsy feel, and was pretty happy with the outcome. This outfit is so comfortable and casual but could easily be adjusted and made to be a little more dressy with some heels and pearls.

I do have to admit I regretted wearing the headband with this outfit, they never fail to give me a headache. Sorry headbands, I give up on you.

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