Friday, December 20, 2013

Daisy Lady

 You all probably have notice by now that I sort of have a thing for black and white clothing. This dress is another in a long line of black and white items that I have thrifted for my closet.
This dress may look like polka dots but it is actually covered in daisies. I was drawn to it immediately and purchased it without trying it on (gasp!).

 Here's the thing about thrifted clothing, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TRY IT ON.
This dress is super cute, comfortable, and it has a slit that goes way too high in the back, and it is....
a maternity dress.
I felt pretty dumb when I got home and realized this dress pretty much always makes me look preggers, which no woman wants if she isn't pregnant. This outfit is my best attempt to remedy the baby bump look that came with this lovely daisy print.
The belt definitely helped and the oversized sweater really helped but the slit in the back just pushes it past the point of wearable. I just had to share a few pictures of it worn in an outfit but it will most likely just sit in my closet or end up being turned into scrap fabric for a project.

 You live and you learn, and you try stuff on next time.
Until Next Time, 

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