Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Black and White Jewelry box

 This is another project I worked on early this month. I thrifted this jewelry box from goodwill a few months ago for something like $1.99. It was pink and had a strange floral scroll on it. I hadn't really been sure what to do with it, as it was sort of an impulse buy on a day I had had little luck thrifting. I had bought some black and white paint for a painting I'll be sharing with you here soon, and the thought dawned on me to give the jewelry box a little make over. The white paint I got was glossy and the jewelry box took several coats to cover the original paint. I decided to free hand it and I ended up eying things up pretty well as the patterned matched up perfectly all around.
 I bought this acrylic paint from walmart for 97 cents each. I had already had these paint palettes from previous painting projects, but they sell them at walmart in the same aisle :) I would recommend getting the matte white instead of the glossy white as it would probably take fewer coats and therefore a lot less drying time between coats.
If you wanted cleaner lines I would recommend using painters tape as well, but personally I like the hand painted look.
This project took me an evening (and a few glasses of wine) to complete, and then I allowed it to dry an additional day.
I paired it up with other hand painted projects for a pretty display in my bedroom. I'm pretty happy with the end result!
Have you tried hand painting anything to personalize it for your space or color palette? what were your results? -R

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