Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diy: Turban Handband


Begin by cutting two pieces off the bottom of a cotton t-shirt (I used a men's small), the pieces should be 3-5 inches wide.

lay the pieces down in a cross formation with the pieces slightly off from the middle.

 Fold the vertical piece over first and then the horizontal piece over that. It should look like the image above.

 separate the halves in to top a bottom sections.

fold the bottom pieces into the top pieces (on both sides) so that it looks like the above image. (you may have to tuck in some bits and arrange the knot a bit to get it to sit right).

Repeat the process of tucking the upper section into the lower section (your head band should be the inception version of a headband. 4 layers, a headband within a headband). flatten and arrange your knot to make it the most comfortable. viola! you have your very own turban headband!

 I suggest using a solid color fabric for this as it hides any weird folds or what not. These headbands work great for girls with or without bangs and are also super handy for gym use! You can add little stitches to hold the pieces in place if you'd like but it's still easy to wear without. The best thing about this DIY is that you can finally find a use for any old T shirts you've had lying around. nothing better that a DIY that costs no money ;)

 This (as usual) is a pinterest inspired project. To find the original instructions check out Cultured Blog. (Her instructions are a bit more comprehensive so if you have any questions after following mine, do be sure to take a peek at her's as well!)


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