Sunday, March 31, 2013


As someone who likes diy projects and crafting it's important to always stay inspired and try new things. It can be challenging to keep those creative juices flowing! For me I have a creative comfort zone. For me crochet and painting projects are the safest. Safe projects are still fun, but sometimes you need to mix it up a little. When I need inspiration I visit one of two places, my pinterest board for diys, Homemade, or my blogger dashboard. There are three blogs in particular that always inspire me. Those blogs are A Beautiful Mess, Smile and Wave, and Elise Blaha Cripe's blog, Enjoy It. Recently both Smile and Wave and Enjoy It featured weaving projects. Their weaving DIY projects caught my attention for a few different reasons, I had all the supplies on hand to do it already, it involved a medium I'm already familiar with, and finally it's customizable as far as colors and size. I used this tutorial from S&W as a guideline and made my own loom using thumb tacs and a picture frame. 

 I used a bobby pin as a needle (because I saw Rachel from S&W do this on a weaving project she posted on her instagram account). This process feels similar to sewing something by hand, and easy easy enough.
 Rachel and Elise both mention to be careful about how tightly you weave your yarn as it can make your finished wall hanging uneven, and i did notice this as well.

I tied off the ends as recommended in the clutch tutorial, by knotting them and snipping the ends, on the bottom half, but left the top knotted and simply used a twig as a curtain rod, attached another piece of yarn to the twig, and viola! you have your very own handmade wall hanging!

I've already made two, both the same size. I really loved these projects and would love to attempt to weave something of a slightly larger scale in the future. 

Have you tried anything new or challenged yourself lately?

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