Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top Ten Winter Outfits

Winter has to be my least favorite season. In Texas our winters are cold and wet - they are perfect for coziness but after too long they can make you stir crazy. I'm definitely sick of winter and at that stir crazy point. I'm day dreaming about warm weather, swimsuits, tropical drinks, flowers everyone and so on and so on. Although I'm sick of winter it's not all bad. Winter fashion can be pretty fun :)  & since spring is quickly approaching I thought I'd better get around to doing my seasonal top ten round up, so here we go!

6. Ten

As usual these aren't ranked in any particular order. I simply included my favorite winter outfits both from this year and last. It's always fun to look back at past outfits and see how somethings have changed and how others haven't. It's also sort of funny how unwintery some of these outfits are, I guess that's Texas for you! Looking through these I see my most worn winter item has to be my olive jeans, but I think I just wear them a lot in general regardless of the time of year ;) Odd enough I'm not wearing a coat in any of these outfit photos ( I think I've only taken pictures with it once or twice).
What is your favorite thing to wear in wintertime?

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