Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wearing White

 Cardigan & Wedges: Target // Jeans, Blouse, & Clutch: JcPenney

I recently added this white blouse to my closet in lieu of a tradition white button-up. I love a good plain white button up but I loved the tuxedo vibe of this top that makes it a little bit dressier than the alternative. I don't own a lot of white clothing but I'm hoping to change that. In the past I've always been worried of getting white clothing dirty because I'm not always the cleaniest of people, but I figure that's why bleach was invented, right? I can't wait to style this blouse when the weather is warmer with some blue jean cut-offs and some minimalist sandals - the perfect simple spring get-up!
How do you wear white?


  1. Love the simple earthy tones in this. I can't think of one white piece of clothing I own that isn't sportswear. I really want to find the perfect white dress from spring! Unfortunately I'm not the cleanest person either and should probably wear a bib 24/7. Can't wait to see how you mix the blouse into spring outfits.

  2. Earthy tones are my jam ;) I'm still not sure how long I'll be able to keep this shirt clean - I may or may not have gotten red lipstick on the inside of the collar, but since you really can't see it I'm gonna say it doesn't count!