Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 Since I got back into town it feel like I have been playing catch up and trying to adjust back into my normal routine. For some reason this process seems to be taking me a little longer than usual. I've already been back at work for a week & it finally dawned on me that it's already the end of the month.
 July has been a huge whirlwind and I can't believe it's nearly over. How and when did that happen?

 I suppose it's just because I've had a lot more going on this month than usual, but it was the good sort of busy. Aside from getting to go an a truly memorable and amazing trip, I worked a lot and did my best to really enjoy this month.
 I also lightened my hair and quit plucking my eyebrows. At home we've been addicted to spinach and artichoke dip & our new favorite show Halt and Catch Fire. 
July has been a pretty good month.

 Hat - Target
Maxi Dress - JCP
Booties - Target
Jewelry - F21 & purchased in Mexico

I'm still planning on sharing some pictures from my trip but I haven't even begun to shift through them yet to find the best ones, mostly because I couldn't find the time, and partially out of being lazy. I promise to share a few with you soon!

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