Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 Seems like its been awhile since I've shared an outfit post around here. Truth be told Thanksgiving threw off my schedule. I went out of town and feel like I'm still not back in a groove. I guess it's pretty easy to have a case of the blah's this time of year.

 I do really love the holiday season but I am definitely a creature of habit and going outside my routine is just exhausting for me. I know that sounds sad, but I'm really exhausted from all the excitement. In my defense I did have a birthday right before Thanksgiving so... yeah, that's my excuse ;)

 When life get's really busy I have a hard time being creative with my outfits. I find myself just being drawn to combinations I know work. Case in point: 1 and 2
I love wearing turquoise + orange.

 I've discussed my love for this color combination before, but it's something I didn't notice until I began sharing my outfits with you all here. I started seeing both these colors appearing over and over, sometimes together, sometimes not. It's just sort of funny because I never used to like the color orange but obviously it's become one of my favorite colors to wear year round. I'm sure it's because these two hues are opposite on the color wheel making them a good contrast to one another. I just find that pairing these two colors together in an outfit is just easy for me.

 I have shared an outfit with my crocheted dress  before during the summer months, but I was itching to style it again in a more winter friendly way. It paired really well with my orange coat ( both the dress and coat are from JcPenney last year). I added my trusty opaque black tights from target for a little extra warmth and then finished the outfit off with my brown specs and brown loafers both of which are thrifted.

Sometimes being predictable can be a good thing.

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