Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sunny Side

 Wow! I can't believe how quickly September is flying by. It's going to be October before we know it, and I'm not complaining!
I love all things fall. This outfit is my last shout out to those sunny summer days, I'm officially ready for all things Autumn!

Alright on to my outfit! The shoes and the cardigan were thrifted. Both the crop top and sunglasses are from Target.

 This black maxi skirt has been in regular rotation in my closet and it made me fall in love with maxi skirts. I need to add a few more into the mix! This one is from JcPenney. The scarf in my hair is from Forever21 from couple of years ago.

 Pairing up mint and orange is a new favorite color combination that I'm excited to experiment with this color palette a little more in the upcoming weeks!

What colors are inspiring your fall wardrobe?


  1. Great colors both for fall and summer! Mint + orange= awesome! Really diggin' this outfit :)

  2. love your style, the scarf headband is so pretty! and your patio looks beautiful and cozy. xo!