Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crocheted Dress

 This is one of my most frequently worn dresses. There are several reasons why I wear this dress so often. First and foremost it's crocheted which is very detailed and gives this dress a very unique texture. I also just love this color, it's one of my favorites. Finally, and probably the best thing about this dress is that it is very versatile. It's really easy to dress it up or down based on the accessories you pair it with. Here I decided I wanted to just be casual and comfy, but it's a great dress to wear to a wedding or even a date night.

 The dress was a gift from my mother in law, originally from JCpenney.
The cardigan is from Target. The belt was purchased from Forever21, and the studded sandals were bought from old navy a long long time ago.

 This cardigan is another item from my closet that gets a lot of use. It's the perfect color to go with just about anything.

 These sunglasses are a few years old I think I bought them from walmart, they matched this dress perfectly and add to the casual feel. If I ever do a wardrobe remix this dress would be the first in line.
How do you dress up or down an outfit?

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