Wednesday, June 19, 2013

dog days

 I've been meaning to do another outfit post for a while because the weather has been really beautiful lately. It's hot, but it's not 100+ yet so for Texas, it's nice out. So I begged Anthony to help me with a few pictures outside and Zane tagged along to enjoy the sunny day.

 Everything I am wearing in these photos was thrifted with the exception of the sandals which were purchased from target appx. eight years ago, and the sunglasses which I also bought a couple years ago from walmart. This outfit is actually a dress worn as top, with the skirt belted over it, because the dress is actually a bit short. I love the pattern and the peter pan collar on the polka dot dress so I try to figure ways to still wear it. This is a favorite color combination right now as well. Orange and light blue just feel summery to me, and of course i'm still obsessed with black and white.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far as well.

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