Monday, September 15, 2014

A Morning Stroll

Top, Belt, Dress (worn as a skirt) - Thrifted
Hat & Boots - Target
Turquoise Jewelry - Bought in Meixco

 The day these photos were taken my husband and I woke up early and decided to go for a morning walk. The air was nice and crisp and we watched the sun come up as we strolled aside cars on their way to work. It was a nice peaceful morning and it had me wishing I had a somewhat more consistent work schedule so I could enjoy more of these sunrise walks. I hope to have more mornings like this in the upcoming weeks, especially once it gets cooler. Life has been hectic this month and I'm doing my best to recognize and enjoy those still and peaceful moments when I'm offered them. It was exactly what Anthony and I needed, at just the right time. I want to make it a point to spend more time outside this autumn, it's just so refreshing and inspiring.

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