Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair Growth Picks

 It felt appropriate to me to share some of my more recent hair growth tips with you all since today marks one month since I've used any sort of heat styling tools on my hair. I've shared a few posts about some products I've been using, styling routine without using shampoo, as well as some tips and tricks for maximizing hair growth. I've tried a lot of things to try to restore my hair after damaging it by a lot of dyeing, styling, and bleaching. I've done a lot to my hair, and around a year ago I decided to really cut back on all the damage I was inflicting on my hair to try to encourage growth. A huge part of this process for me was to attempt to stop the breakage caused by split ends from years of hair abuse.

Organix has been a brand that I have come back to time after time when searching for the miracle products to fix my split ends. The keratin oil line is my shampoo and conditioner of choice right now. Since I haven't been using any heat on my hair in the past few weeks these products have already made a difference in my hair. I'm seeing a lot less breakage when I wash and brush my hair, and my hair also feels and looks a lot better as well.

 The keratin oil 3 minute recovery cream has been my good to deep conditioning treatment. I usually apply this after shampooing, sometimes with the Keratin Oil conditioner and leave it on for several minutes, more than the recommended three. I use a generous amount, and concentrate most of the product on the ends of my hair and comb throw the length of my hair with the remainder of the product, avoid the roots.
The Coconut Water mist is to be used while hair is damp and combed through. It makes my hair incredibly soft and super shiny, and also makes it a lot more managable while damp.
 One of my favorite uses for it is to mist my hair with it when it just about dry and then to braid it to create soft shiny waves when the hair is dry and the braid is undone, the trick is to not braid too tight.
 It also works beautifully as a finishing spray to tame fly-aways. This stuff also smells incredible, just be careful, as with any product, not to over do it ;)

After a month of no heat styling, and using these Organix Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & 3-Minute Recovery treatment, plus their Coconut Oil Mist I believe that my hair growth has been increased due to a reduce in breakage. I definitely recommend these products if you're also trying to fight damage while growing out your hair.

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