Monday, March 10, 2014

More Haircare Picks

 I wanted to do a quick post to share a few hair care products that I've been using and loving lately. This time its all about conditioner for me. My main focus has been on trying to make my hair as healthy as possible while I'm growing it out. I've done a lot of damage to it in the past by bleaching, over dyeing, heat styling ect. Right now these are my three favorite products for treating my dry and damaged hair.

 I have used some L'oreal hair product in the past and been impressed and this conditioner is no different. It has a rosemary-mint scent and is also sulfate-free. I love how fresh it smells and also how great my hair feels after I use it. 

This deep conditioner has been in stores for a while now, but it is a really great inexpensive deep conditioner that has done wonders to my dry split ends. I usually leave it on for just a few minutes but I'm sure that if you left it on under a shower cap for an hour or more you'd have some seriously gorgeous hair later. 

This was my most recent find, Pantene's new Ultimate 10 BB creme for hair. You can use it after washing and conditioning as a leave-in treatment or after when hair is dry to tame fly-aways and frizz. I love this product and have been using it like crazy since I bought it. I can already tell that my hair is softer and there is less frizz due to dryness. 

Do you have any conditioning treatments that you swear by?

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