Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Spring & Summer Essentials

 I have been sort of slacking in the outfit posts lately. Sorry, April has just really gotten away from me. Also The only things I feel like wearing are super simple and mostly based on their comfort. Today I felt inspired by all the kimonos I've been seeing on my pinterest feed.

 This "kimono" is actually a dress I thrifted. I've worn it before, here and here.
The thing is I've always thought it was a bit on the short side and since it has buttons up the front it works perfectly as a kimono type cardigan. I could even add lace or tassels to the bottom to really make it look more like a kimono, maybe I will try that if I thrift another one.

 The thing is my husband did look at me a bit strange when he saw this outfit at first so if I'm totally not pulling this off definitely let me know now. Thanks friends ;)

 I actually really ended up liking this outfit, so simple, yet perfect for spring and completely comfortable. Definitely my type of outfit. Plus it's half thrifted, so I'm a happy girl.

Striped Top - Old Gap
Shorts - Thrifted
Dress/kimono - Thrifted
Sandals - Old Target
Earrings - given to me by a friend

What are some of your essentials for this time of year?

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