Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frost and Florals

 I suppose some people think that floral dresses are more of a spring or summer wardrobe staple. It is true that flowers bloom during the warmer months but there are so many floral prints that hint at colder temperatures through their color schemes. I see no reason that I can't wear floral print clothing all year long especially since most of the floral clothing I own is more f/w friendly.

 This winter friendly floral dress was thrifted on my birthday weekend with my good friend Sam. It's not often I have someone to go thrifting with and it turned out to be a really good trip. I scored this dress and some more awesome things, so thanks Sam for being good luck!

 The belt and jacket were also thrifted.
The hat, leggings and boots are from target.
The boots are another recent purchase, and let me just apologize in advance for how much I will be wearing them this winter.

I suppose outfits like this one work so well in these colder months because it strikes a good balance. The floral dress is very feminine and somewhat summery while the accessories like the boots and anorak type jacket are more masculine and winter friendly. 
I usually aim to strike a good balance in this way because it satisfies both my tomboy side and my girly side. 

Do you have any go to rules for your wardrobe?

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