Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Things: March 2014 Edition

At the end of every month I like to do a little round up of my favorite posts from the past month. This month was really busy. I didn't share quite as many blog posts this month but I've tried to focus on improving the quality of the posts I do share. I'm working hard to make this place a little bit better and more true to myself everyday. Anyway enough rambling, here are my five favorite posts from March of 2014.

This month I focused on putting together outfits that are a simple and comfortable and really feel authentic to my style and taste. I also had a huge focus on spring this month. I've never considered myself a spring person but this month has been different. I didn't craft or cook as often as I would have liked but I've been gathering a lot of ideas and inspiration for the future. March was a quick blur of a month but it has me very excited for April and the rest of spring 2014. This month has also left me wanting to focus on Growth, it may be my word of the year. I want to focus on growth in every aspect of life. March has been a very good month.

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