Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spotty Record

 Well winter finally found Texas. We've been dealing with a lot colder temperature than any one around here is used to. We even saw a little bit of snow, (more like sleet, but to us that is snow). Needless to say I have been living in jeans instead of dresses. I have been putting all my favorite jeans through the regular rotation when I pulled out these gray and white polka dotted jeans I purchased from Target last year. I've only worn them on the blog once, but it was a bit before I began sharing regular outfit posts, so I decided to incorporate them into a more recent outfit.

 As with most outfits I've been wearing lately I wanted to keep things comfortable and simple. What better way to do that than by pair these polka dotted pants with a simple beige sweater (also from target),  and even more simple black ankle boots (from JCP).

I also had to add in my lovely rust coat for both color and warmth, (from JCP last year). Outfits like this usually ending up being my favorites because I love no fuss comfort. I felt perfectly put together, and still feminine, but true to my tomboy roots.

How have you been coping with these colder temps?

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