Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lack of Color

 I was looking through the outfits I've shared so far this year and I was pretty surprised to see such a lack of color. I haven't really been shy about the fact I've been loving neutrals lately, but I love color too! I've never been big on loud or bright colors, I guess I'm just more of a pastel person.

 Something about pastels has always seemed a bit more understated and feminine. 
Mint is by far my very favorite pastel shade, but I've come to realize I'm drawn to most pastel shades. Pastel pink is the only pink I like. Pastel yellow is just so cheery. Just trust me when I say pastel colors are easier to wear if you're a neutral lover like me.

 This mint shirt from JCP was one of my first pastel purchases, it's easy to dress up or dress down, and duh, it's mint. This cardigan from Target is one of my favorite sweaters to pair with mint, the colors look so good together and the polka dots make it even more fun!

 My pastel orange sunglasses are also from Target, but I've already spotted some at Goodwill while thrifting. They're some of my favorite sunglasses because the orange is light enough to almost seem neutral, thus they go with nearly everything.

 The gray jeans are an old pair from Old Navy that I've had since my high school days. I love having gray jeans because they're a fun neutral to swap out instead of blue jeans. If you don't already own a pair definitely take the plunge. Gray jeans are a bit easier to dress up than blue jeans and they go with everything!
What are your favorite pastel shades?


  1. nice, the cardigan is very cute :)