Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heart Print Wall Art

With January quickly coming to an end I have my sights set on February, more specifically, on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is one of the most polarizing holidays. People either seem to LOVE it or HATE it. I'm obviously one of those who loves this particular holiday. When I was a little kid I loved exchanging valentine's day cards at school and being able to indulge my girly side by embracing all things red and pink for a whole month straight. As an adult this holiday is special because it was Valentine's day of 2011 that I became engaged to my Husband. As an ode to this romantic holiday, I came up with this easy little heart print wall art that is a subtle nod to Valentine's Day, but could also look cute on your wall year round.

You will need a canvas, black and white acrylic craft paint, a sheet of foam (can be found at any craft store, or walmart), scissors,  a piece of cardboard, glue, a paper plate and a paint brush.

You will need to begin by drawing a heart (whatever size you would like) onto your foam and then cut the shape out. Glue your foam heart cut out onto your piece of cardboard (cut into a small square that fits your heart), allow the glue to dry.

Once your stamp has dried pour a little bit of black paint onto a paper plate. you can either dip your stamp into the paint or you can use your paintbrush to paint the stamp for better control. 
Then stamp away!

Once the black paint is dry, use the white paint to touch up any smudges, and fix the hearts if needed.
I filled in a few but left a few imperfect, this part is just personal preference. Allow your wall art to dry before hanging it up. Then display it on a shelf or in a wall art grouping like this & you're one step closer to being ready for V-Day. woo!



  1. This is super cute! Awww, getting engaged on valentines would be so sweet. Thanks for this DIY! I'm going to try it using an array of colours I think. www.prettynostalgia.blogspot.co.uk

  2. no problem! thats the best part about this is that you can make and shape stamp you want and even layer then to create some unique wall art or decorations for any holiday! :)