Saturday, August 17, 2013

Orange Crush

I decided to include Murray in these outfit photos because he loves the patio so much and because he matched my orange sweater. (Do I really need a better reason?) Seriously though I always enjoy outfit pictures with people's pets in them.They're a bit more personal in a way, and pretty much everyone loves pets.  I've included Zane in a few previously, and I don't think I had any pictures of me and Murray that were actually decent quality. So I'm happy to have some finally :)

 I'm wearing a thrifted dress worn as a skirt, you may recognize it from this post from a few weeks ago. The sweater was also thrifted, but awhile back. It's one of my favorites. It's incredibly soft and comfy. It's my favorite rusty orange shade that makes it perfect for these summer to fall transition months.

 These shoes are the same from my last outfit post that were a gift from my mother in law. They are my favorite wedges, originally from JcPenney.
The necklace and the cuff were Christmas presents from my grandma. I believe the cuff was from JcPenney and the necklace was from Forever21. The sunglasses are also from Forever21 a couple years ago. The red lipstick is Fire and Ice by Revlon.

Murray was surprisingly pretty cooperative for these photos and I'm pretty happy with how well they came out. He's so adorable. I've always been a cat person, and Zane had won me over for dogs, but it's so nice to have a cat of my own again. There's seriously nothing cuter than a cuddling with a sleepy cat.


  1. Rad glasses, I need a pair in my life. Loving the colors of the outfit, rusty oranges are my favorite no matter what season. Aaand this is making me miss fall so much!!!

  2. I was definitely wishing for fall when putting this outfit together. I think I must have fall in mind when shopping. I just love autumn colors and layers!

  3. Aw this outfit is so cute!! Thank you for giving me the idea of layering a sweater over a dress, that's perfect for the fall. Your cat is so cute too :)

  4. Thank you :) I can't wait for fall weather so I can add leggings into the mix as well!