Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Self Portrait Challenge Pt. 2

At the beginning of August I shared this post about the Self Portrait challenge I decided to do after being inspired by A Beautiful Mess.

I wanted to share with you the second half of the self portrait challenge, that I'm happy to say I completed! I will have to admit, I didn't end up doing this as a 30 self portraits in 30 days, some of the photos are from the same days. I ended up looking at this as a way of challenging myself to make each photo interesting and different so that I didn't get bored with photographing myself over and over again. Truth be told it was a little difficult to be inspired to take pictures of myself, especially on days where I didn't put make up on ect. I would love to do another photo challenge again however, as this was a really fun experience. I've always liked when people do photo an hour posts, so that might be another fun challenge. We'll see...

Did you take part in this challenge? Link in the comments if you did, I'd like to see other people's self portraits.


  1. You're so adorable! The first photo looks like a professional photo. the lighting is perfect :)

  2. Thank you! you are always so sweet :) natural lighting is my favorite but sadly there is only two windows in my apartment.