Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Black + Brown

 Growing up I always heard that you should never wear black and brown together, but no one ever gave me a good reason as to why. I like wearing black with brown accessories. My favorite shade of brown to pair with black is camel-ish. To me the contrast is nice to make an outfit feel a tad more casual than if you paired it with all black accessories. I'm all about casual and comfy. 
I am wearing a dress I bought at a surf shop in Port Aransas, TX, the same city I got married in. It's black and white so obviously I had to have it. The top is an old one I bought from old navy.

 The belt I am wearing is from Forever21. The necklace is the same one pictured in this post, it was a Christmas gift. :) The shoes and purse were handed down to me from my sister, they match each other pretty perfectly I think they were originally purchase from Target. 

 Lately I've been drawn to neutral outfits like this. They just feel kind of effortless and cool. I'm happy as long as I'm comfy :)

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