Thursday, August 8, 2013

home decor bits and pieces

 I don't think this is the first time I've shared a few snapshots of parts of my apartment. I like seeing people's places. Someone's home can tell a lot about a person. I'm not sure what my apartment says about me. It's full of items that were handed down, thrifted, or if possible made by hand. The things that were purchased from a store are usually modified in someway. I guess I like to think that everything can be repurposed or reused in a way that can make it work for someone, no matter their taste.

 Another thing I like to keep in mind when decorating is to decorate with purpose. I like to think about what is practical and also looks good. One of my favorite things right now is a wall with all of our hats hanging together. This is an easy way to save space with storage and also they add texture and interest to an otherwise boring wall.

 This place is by no means anywhere close to being ready to share a home tour or anything like that. In some ways our home will always be a work in process (which i suppose most homes are), but I am constantly rearranging and changing things here and there. I'm always trying to convince Anthony to help me paint something or move something from one room to the next. Lately I've been wishing I could build my own honeycomb shelves (gonna need your help with that one dad) and paint my coffee table white.

What inspires your home decor?

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