Monday, August 5, 2013

Crochet Blanket pt. 2

 I realized recently I haven't shared picture of my granny square blanket on HN in quite some time. The blanket has definitely grown in size but it still isn't quite finished. I'm hoping to have it fit our king sized bed when it's done. It's probably already big enough to fit a twin size bed so I think it's about halfway done. I work with on it in random bursts of crocheting frenzy and then don't work on it for periods of time so it's hard to say when it will actually be done. It's kind of nice to have a project like this though that I can work on without having to think about patterns and whatnot though. Simple projects are the best for lazy nights watching TV.

 It's Murray and Zane's favorite blanket. Every time I lay it out to work on it or to take pictures they rush to try and lay down on it. It's kind of flattering really. Murray even woke up from his nap when I was snapping these pictures. ;)

It's still a project I love working on, and I still love how colorful and cheery it is. Hopefully the next time you see this blanket it will actually fit the bed ;)

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