Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter & Spring Cleaning

Hope you all had a good Easter! We definitely did! We had brunch at my parents where we saw my sister, brother in law, and my niece, my brother and his partner, as well as my grandparents. We didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year because my son and niece are still too young, but I did get a chocolate bunny so I was a happy girl! After brunch we visited my in laws. My father in law just had surgery so it was a quick visit so Hunter could spend time with both his grandparents on Easter. My mom always made sure holidays were very special when I was younger and I hope to do the same for Hunter. He won't remember his first Easter but it was important to Anthony and I that we spend the day with family to establish that tradition from the get go. It ended up being a really nice and low-key Easter. 

Other than the Easter holiday life has been good. I'm still trying to get our house in order with any little free time I have but it's been a slow process. I keep telling myself I'll do it one room at a time to better see the progress I'm making but of course, it never works out that way. I just jump from room to room tackling little projects here and there. Although I'm doing something everyday I still have a to do list a mile long and I'm sure in reality I'll never actually be done because I'm always adding to the list. This week I've been focusing on the kitchen and the bathroom trying to organize and arrange things just so. Our house has very little storage space so having an organized home is a must! 

I still have a lot of organizing and purging to do before I get our home to where I want it to be but I'm  happy with the progress I've made so far. Little by little I'm getting there :) I actually really enjoy spring cleaning. I think I've mentioned before that I prefer a tidy organized space but when it comes to spring cleaning I like to get some deep cleaning accomplished. Since we just moved there isn't too much actual cleaning to be done. The work that needs to be done around here is more like finding an appropriate spot for everything and getting rid of excess junk. So far I've focused more on finding a home for everything and not as much on purging and donating. That will be phase two ;) We got rid of a little bit here and there before moving but ended up not having enough time to be as thorough as needed. 

Anyone else doing spring cleaning/organizing? 
I'd love to hear tips or your process for achieving a more organized and tidy space!

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