Friday, January 29, 2016

Back to Black

Top & jeans: Liz Lange Target Maternity // Earrings: Target (old) ( similar ) // Purse & Flats: JcPenney (similar)

I think nearly everything I've worn throughout my pregnancy has been from Target or JcPenney! I guess that probably goes for my non-maternity wardrobe as well! Hah! Sponsor a girl, will ya!? :P All kidding aside I do shop at Target a lot and at one of my recent visits I came across this top in the maternity section and just had to try it on. It's really similar to a top I used to own from khol's that I just loved to pieces. I think I actually wore that top until it fell apart! This one is a little more flowy making it perfect for maternity wear but I actually think it will work well in my wardrobe after I give birth as well. I got a medium so it's not super over sized so I think it will look cute with shorts and sandals come spring/summer time. In the mean time though it's definitely one of my favorite items in my maternity wardrobe.
I love wearing black (I think most of my maternity wardrobe is black!) and these flats and this purse are perfect for the person who loves black but may also be a cognac lover as well! The flats have a small cognac detail as does the purse making them the perfect accessories for this girl. They also happen to both pair well with leopard print which is another awesome perk. I've been wearing them both constantly since I got them in December because they go with pretty much everything. Gotta love accessories that work with almost everything in your wardrobe. What are your favorite versatile accessories?