Sunday, April 5, 2015

5 Things: March 2015

March was an incredibly busy month for me in my personal life but things here on the blog slowed down a bit because of it. I'm digging the slower pace because it makes me feel like the content I do share on HN is better and more true to the point of view I hope to have. I also allowed myself the time to enjoy spring and prepare for my upcoming move. I've really enjoyed the extra time I've had to myself and it's been especially nice not to have that added self imposed pressure to have content prepared every other day. I mentioned it before but I think I've made it even more obvious here today that things will definitely be slowing down here, it's just so much more manageable for me ;)
Anyway, point is I've really enjoyed March because I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished with working towards my move and with making HN a fun project for me again.
How was your March?

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