Monday, March 9, 2015

Home Organization Tips

I've always been good at organization and keeping things tidy. It comes natural to me. I'm one of those crazy people who needs a clean and organized space to be able to relax. I actually enjoy cleaning and organization. Weird, I know. I'm kind of notorious for this as I've had family members ask me for advice on keeping a more organized home. Since it's that time of year that people begin their spring cleaning I thought I'd share a few things I do to keep my space clean and organized that may be helpful to you too!

Make a spot for everything
You've probably heard this tip before, and it's absolutely true. Have a designated spot for every single item in your home. If you use something always return it to it's spot. This will help keep your home organized in several ways. For one, it will help eliminate clutter. If you use something and always return it to it's spot it won't be lying around your home making it appear messy, and two, every time you need to find that item you'll know exactly where to look, and so will everyone else in your home. This will be particularly helpful in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom that can get super cluttered easily. If you have children this can also be a great way to teach them to create a good habit. Having a spot for toys or a laundry hamper in their space is a great way to get them involved.

Use Storage containers
Storage containers are helpful for a number of reasons. They are a great for having a designated spot for items, like a basket in your living room that throws and blankets can go into, and they help eliminate visual clutter, like pet or children's toys. There are so many different vessels you can use no matter what you need to contain. As an added perk these containers can also be decorative and make your home look stylish. I love using glass jars to store items from my washi tape collection, to q-tips and cotton balls in my bathroom. I also using plastic baskets underneath my bathroom and kitchen sinks to keep cleaning products together and keep that space tidy. If you're on a budget save old shoe boxes and clean out glass jars to reuse or utilize thrifted tins for something a little bit prettier.

Use your Space Wisely
This sort of correlates to 'using containers'. Do your best to utilize all your allocated space to the best of your ability. If you have a lot of vertical space available use it! Use tall bookshelves if space allows it to expand your storage area. Stackable units like this are easy to customize to any space, so they are perfect for closets or garages. Smaller units like this one are great for smaller spaces and items so they are perfect for organizing items like makeup or first aid items under the bathroom sink so you can get the most out of tight space. Use command hooks in your closet or on the inside of cabinets to get the most out of your space and store items like jewelry, scarves, pot hangers, kitchen towels ect. that are easy to hang. Use ottomans like this one to have hidden storage in plain sight.

Eliminate Clutter
Even the most organized person is guilty of collecting clutter somewhere. For me it was holding onto things like clothes that no longer fit, or old magazines. If the item in question hasn't been utilized in a year either trash it, sell it, or donate it. There's no way to get organized if you're hoarding junk. So free up that space for things you do need/use.

Store Like Items Together
This one may seem obvious but just in case it isn't I thought I'd address it anyway. Apply this concept to every space in your home. Store cleaning products in the same location (preferably in a container to make transporting to other rooms easier). Store linens and towels together, baking ingredients & spices together, pots together, pans together, meats and cheeses together, leftovers together ect. Again storing items in this way makes them easier to find saving you time, and in the case of food, may also save you money. 

Now, Not Later
To have an organized space you have to get of that mindset of "I'll do it later". Stay on top of things so you simply have to maintain it. Putting organization or cleaning off will likely mean the work is going to pile up on you. Let's be honest are you more likely to want to clean your whole living room on your days off, or address one or two items everyday? Take care of something when it pops up so you don't have to remember to do it later on.
Be Realistic
Having an organized space is going to mean different things for different people. Figure out what is important to you and organize your home according to that. I tend to lean towards the OCD side of organizing, but not everyone can keep up with that. Just like how some people organize books alphabetically and some organize their books by color. Find your system and go from there.  Label things if that helps you, use shoe or closet organizers if that's your thing. Identify what will realistically work for you!

I hope this list helped you get inspired for some upcoming spring cleaning :)
For more organization ideas be sure to check out my organization Pinterest board.

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