Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Fever

 Top: Thrifted // Maxi Dress: Target // Sandals: Hand-me-downs // Bracelets: JcPenney & Target // Necklace: JcPenney

I've always thought of myself as a fall person but in recent years it's become increasingly apparent that I'm becoming a spring person. I'm loving the sunny weather & the flowers and greenery popping up everywhere. It's hard to not spend every moment of daylight outside. I'm excited to get my patio garden started again once I move & then of course spend all my free time out there with my new plants ;) Lucky for me my new apartment has a huge patio so there's plenty of room for all kinds of plants.
What's your favorite part about spring?


  1. That top is so cute and looks great on you!

    I love the budding flowers and the color emerging when it comes to Spring.

    Katie |

    1. I know! flowers are probably my favorite part about this time of year. There are wild flowers EVERYWHERE around here and it's so awesome :)