Tuesday, February 3, 2015

30 x 30: Four

 Hat, Jeans, & Flats: Target // Top & Necklace: JcPenney // Jacket: Thrifted

When I put together the items for this 30 x 30 challenge I had anticipated dressing for cold weather so I included items like jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and a coat. As the saying goes, God laughs when you make plans... the temperature on the day I took these outfit pictures was in the 80's so I definitely didn't need the jacket (hence it only being on for a few photos). Supposedly the temperatures are about to drop again so I should be able to style more winter-friendly outfits for the 30 x 30 challenge (I'm sure people in other parts of the country are rolling their eyes at my complaints but in Texas we deal with hot temperatures for so long throughout the year that I gladly welcome winter). Had I known how warm it would get I probably would've included some shorts in the challenge because they definitely could have gotten some use today ;)
Nothing makes me feel like I'm getting older like how much I'm concerned about the weather these days. I suppose there's worse things, right?