Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Remix: Denim Vest

My denim vest is easily one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. The reason that it this piece gets worn so often is because it's an incredibly versatile item. I could have easily pulled up three or four more outfits that I've used this denim vest in but I feel like these four demonstrate it's versatility best. In the first outfit I've paired it with some jeans, the second outfit a skirt, the third a dress and the fourth a strapless dress. In each of these outfits the denim vest both transforms an otherwise simple outfit and it brings the outfit together. Each of these outfits would have been wearable on their own, but adding the denim vest just polishes it all off. Denim is very easy to remix with other items so investing in a denim vest is smart no matter you style. It is traditionally seen as somewhat of a spring/summer accessory but I'm thinking it would look great layered over a sweater dress too!
How would you wear a denim vest?

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