Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Changing Seasons

This is the last outfit post before I debut my Autumn hair. I've always loved changing my hair with the seasons, Summer makes me want to lighten my hair and Autumn makes me want to go back to darker hair. I didn't go quite as dark as I did last year and I'm pretty happy with my current hair color. I promise I'll share it here soon.

You may recognize this outfit from a little sneak peek in my knotted headband post, I probably should have done separate photos but I really liked how this outfit shoot turned out. I have been really enjoying pre-fall layering this year. Pre-fall layering is basically mixing and matching items from your summer and fall wardrobe to get the best from both seasons. On this day I wore my favorite olive jeans. This is a go to item in my closet that I tend to grab when I want to wear and outfit that is comfortable, casual, and cool. I added on a fall black and white plaid flannel shirt and some black summer sandals.

 I love layering with button-up shirts for a casual autumn look.
I'm also loving the texture my diy knotted headband added to the outfit. Crochet and knit texture is one of my favorite details of fall and winter clothing, and this headband will be a fun new way to play with texture this season.

 Headband - diy
Flannel Shirt and Glasses - Thrifted
Elephant Shirt - Old Navy
Olive Jeans and Sandals - JcPenney

 What have you added to your closet for fall?

P.S. Today is my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday, I love you Mom!

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