Friday, September 5, 2014

The September Dress

Over the past year it's become increasingly clear that my style has changed since I began this blog. I'm not surprised, because after all time has that affect on things.  People change overtime and so does their taste in many things, including clothing. Trends and fads can influence and perpetuate these changes. In my case, since I don't purchase new clothing frequently I notice these things a little bit more than the average bear. This dress was bought a few years ago. I can remember wanting to add more floral clothing into my wardrobe, and this dress caught my eye on the Target clearance rack because of it's color.


I thought that this dress would be the perfect fall floral. It has great autumn colors in the floral pattern and the dress is comfortable and doesn't wrinkle. All in all things added up in my head and I made the purchase. For whatever reason I just never wear this dress. I think it's because it's a summer style with a fall print and the only time I can wear this dress is in September. Every fall I fail to find a way to layer it that I like it stays in my closet, unworn.

 Hat, Dress, Vest, & Mocs - Target
Necklace - Forever21

 I decided to dust it off and style it at least one more time before retiring it. I still have a soft spot for the fall floral but even paired with my favorite hat and vest I'm not satisfied with how this outfit looks. I guess that just goes to show you that my style has changed quite a bit since I began sharing outfits on HN. I think that kind of progression is good and I'm glad to have this blog to be able to notice those little everyday details.

 How has your style grown & changed in the past few years?


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