Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pink Lipstick Favorites

 In February I shared with you some of my Favorite Red Lipsticks and today I wanted to come back to share my favorite pink lipsticks. The thing about pink lipsticks is that there are a lot of different kinds out there. For the purposes of this post I am focusing on light pink lipsticks. I love berry pinks and rose pinks, but I will save those for another post ;) 
I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by light pink lipsticks at first. They don't always have the dramatic impact that red or deeper toned lipsticks can have when looking at the bullet so it can be really hard to shop for them. And like I mentioned before, there are A LOT of options for pink lipsticks out there and that can make it hard to narrow it down to one that you really like. I have learned over the years through trial and error what I prefer, and for me that is a creamy to matte lipstick with no shine or glitter. I don't like glossy finishes, and I can't wear something too drying either. My skin tone is somewhere in the middle so I can usually get away with wearing both warm and cool toned lip colors so my favorite pink lipsticks will feature a bit of both. All of these are drugstore lipsticks that are affordable on pretty much any budget.

 1. Wink For Pink Revlon Creme Lipstick
This is a very subtle easy to wear slightly warm toned pink. The creme formula lipstick from Revlon is one of my favorites and to me this color is very safe and perfect for everyday wear.

 2. 101 Kate Lipstick For Rimmel
I found this one after reading reviews online. It'd from the Rimmel Kate Matte line, but the formula is still creamy, not drying. It's a cool toned pink that isn't too light and is also a favorite for everyday wear.

 3. 563A NYX Lipstick
This one is a bit of a wildcard color for me and not something I would usually pick up but I was looking for something a bit different. I was happy with the formula of this lipstick and its great for days when I want a more hot pink type color. It's a light hot pink that is only slightly warm toned.
Not what I'd go for for everyday wear.

 4. Petal Rebel 60 Maybelline Color Whisper
I love the Color Whisper line from Maybelline. The lipsticks are super lightweight with sheer, but buildable color. This a light cool toned pink. This lipstick sheer formula makes them perfect for spring and summer time wear.

5. Primrose Revlon Creme Lipstick
This one is one of my favorite pink lipsticks by far. It is a cool toned pink that I feel compliments red hair. I think this color probably isn't for everyone because it is very light, but I love the fun pop of color. The bullet looks almost purple in color, but it still appears pink when worn. 

 There you have it, five of my favorite light pink lipsticks, right in time for spring! Pink is the perfect lip color for this time of year, and pretty pink lips can be the perfect pairing to your favorite sun dress for everyday wear. I'm glad I overcame my little fear of pink lipsticks because now they're almost all I wear. Pink lipsticks are so easy to wear for work or for running errands so they wind up in my makeup bag a lot. 
Do you have any favorite pink lipsticks you think I need to try? Let me know :)

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