Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remix: Navy Dress

Welcome to the very first edition of Remix, a new feature that I've been thinking of introducing onto HN for a while. It's a pretty simple concept, I show you different ways I have styled one item. Since my thing is thrifted clothing and fashion on a budget it stands to reason that you'll be seeing A LOT of repeats. I'm not one of those girls who can't wear the same thing twice, I just don't want to wear it the same way twice. Even if its an outfit I haven't shared pictures of, I just like trying to wear clothing items differently than I have before. I try to make an effort to not repeat clothing in a close time frame from when it was already worn however. Hopefully that helps keep my outfit posts interesting and diverse enough, anyway that's the end goal. So these remix posts will demonstrate how I have worn an item two different ways and hopefully this will encourage you to get creative in restyling some of your own favorite clothes.

For the first remix I chose this navy dress with a rust orange pattern. 

Plain Jane was the first outfit post that I wore it in. I added some thrifted glasses, a braided belt, an open front cream colored cardigan and some taupe ankle boots. Super simple and casual. Looking back I probably would have gone with different shoes, but I think I had recently purchased those boots and was dying for an excuse to wear them. I think some cute brown sandals would have been the perfect shoes to match the belt and cardigan. Overall though I felt this was a casual and easy to wear simple outfit.

The second way I wore my navy dress was in my outfit post All Good Things. In this post I wore the dress with a beige cardigan, orange cable knit tights, some thrifted brown loafers, a wide brim fedora, and a mineral pendant necklace. This is probably my more favorite of the two looks, and also the more recent one as well. I'm obviously going to be bias, but I'm in love with my wide brim fedora and thrifted loafers and was really pleased with how they look paired with this dress. I also loved the pop of color from the tights in an otherwise pretty neutral outfit. This look also feels a lot more cohesive to me since the tights pick up on the orange pattern in the dress, and all the other accessories compliment one another. Admittedly, this may be one of my all time favorite outfits. 

 And there you have it, two ways I wore this navy dress from JCP.
Which way do you like more? Why?

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