Thursday, August 29, 2013

Plain Jane

This is one of my most worn dresses, so it's weird I haven't shared it on HN until now. It's from JcPenney and it is actually a dark navy blue. The pattern is orange diamonds. Again, more orange. It's kind of funny but I never realized how much I like wearing orange until I started posting these outfit photos more regularly.

 Once again I'm wearing my favorite thrifted belt. These ankle boots and cardigan are from target. The glasses were also thrifted.

This outfit maybe a little bit plain, but I'm just really liking neutrals more and more. I think it's because neutrals and earth tones just seem comfier somehow. I know I've been more drawn to them because I'm just craving fall. This dress and these boots are bound to make a few more appearances in the fall as they're both great pieces for layering. Which is awesome since fall is finally only just a few weeks away! I'm a little too excited to see August go. What can I say? September brings my first anniversary and my favorite season.


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