Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March On

 Since this winter has decided to stick around for so long I've had time to spend on indoor activities. I obviously enjoy doing craft projects and cooking, but lately I have been spending a lot of time playing my WiiU, trying to get back into doing yoga regularly, and catching up on all my favorite TV shows.

It's not that I don't love wasting hours playing Super Mario 3D World, or watching House Of Cards, but there's only so long until you begin to get stir crazy, plus you eventually beat the game and finish the second season and you're back to square one.

 So I'm back to counting the days until warmer weather arrives. My husband and I have begun looking forward to coast trips, and are even discussing garden plans again. I know it's probably only a matter of weeks now until spring comes to Texas and that couldn't make me any happier.

 This dress is definitely more suited for warmer temperatures. It's actually navy and mint stripes (although these pictures make it a little hard to see the little mint stripes), and was thrifted sometime last month. I knew it would be a great summer dress because it just looks a bit nautical. I've been a bit perplexed on how to style it for colder temperatures until I remember I had this lovely navy cotton blazer from JCP that goes with it so perfectly. I added the gray knee-highs more out of necessity from the cold, and finished the outfit off with my brown oxfords and matching brown belt, all from Target.

 So although the only thing I can think about or focus on is spring, I just have to keep my eyes forward, and continue on.

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