Sunday, March 2, 2014

Old Habits

Sometimes when I'm feeling uninspired when getting dress I find it useful to look through old outfits to see the clothing I have in my closet, that I maybe haven't worn in a while. 
& that's when I thought, wow, I used to wear my black maxi skirt constantly, and I haven't worn it in months...

Now I know wearing a black maxi skirt with a chambray button down is nothing new, but it's not something I've tried. Let's just say I'm on this bandwagon. This outfit is so incredibly comfortable, and is definitely an easy outfit to wear.

I love the fact that this outfit can easily be casual or dress depending on the accessories you pair with it, but I always keep things on the casual side. Both the top and maxi skirt are from JCP.

I paired it with this gold tribal necklace from F21, a thrifted black belt, and some black and white print flats. Super simple and casual.

 Just goes to show you sometimes looking back at things you used to love wearing can help inspire you. Have you tried this easy pairing?


  1. Such a cute look, I WISH we had JCP in Irelenad, we have such a limited selection of hiugh street stores in Ireland :( i come undone