Sunday, January 19, 2014

Basic and Black

 Okay I'll admit it, January is not my favorite month. I'm not sure what it is but it feels like the whole month I'm in a rut. It can be hard to motivate myself and to be creative. Even getting dressed has seemed somehow less fun. All I want is easy comfort.

 Lucky for me I have some really great basic pieces in my closet. I went for an almost entirely black look but then added in this striped cardigan for a little extra warmth. This entire outfit is from JCP. 
I love all black outfits and have kind of gotten away from them in recent years. I used to wear a lot of black and for a while I was mostly focused on integrating more color and patterns into an otherwise neutral wardrobe. 

 Today I have sort of the opposite problem. I lack a lot of necessary closet basics but have been working on adding them in when I can.

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