Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY: Thrifted Tray Make Over

 One of my favorite things about thrifting is that you can find inexpensive home decor and customize it to match your style. Sometimes if you're lucky you'll come across something that already meshes well with the rest of your home decor, but other times you may have to get creative.
If you're anything like me the challenge of recreating a piece is part of the fun of decorating. 
I came across this wood grain tray with a floral print on it a while back. It came with a twin and they cost me maybe $1.99. I decided I wanted to transform it so I could get more use out of it and make it match my home decor better.

I was inspired by this interview with Elsie Larson to go with a Dalmatian print.
I went with a simple, and traditional, black and white dalmatian type pattern.
To achieve this look I began by painting the tray white, it took a few coats of white paint to achieve solid coverage, and then I used a pencil eraser dipped in black paint, much like you would a stamp, in a random pattern. I used acrylic matte craft paint for this project, but It would have looked great with a glossy finish too.

 I think I may have to find something to seal it with if I ever want to use it to serve drinks, but I love how it turned out. I love being able to transform thrifted items into something more useful and current. 
Until Next Time,