Monday, January 20, 2014

Around Here...

 It's so crazy that it's already January 20th! This month is already flying by, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to February. Not that January was all bad ;)
1. Tried to crochet my own potholders. my first attempt was not a success. 
2. have been all about sprinkled doughnuts lately.
3. bare winter trees.
4. yummy caprese salad.
5. Still regret not buying this bowler hat. I need one!
6. Pistachio ice cream is one of my favorites.
7. gotta love holiday giftcards ;)
8. some of my favorite sunglasses!

& that's all of my random snapshots from this month so far! There's less than two weeks left in this month but I'm finally getting over my holiday hangover and really getting back into my routine again. It's kind of sad how long it took, but I'm finally not feeling as "blah" anymore. January always does that to me for some reason, but I've decided to focus on my next favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, and I'm inspired already. I have a notebook full of diy project ideas, recipes, and outfit inspiration again so all feels right in the world ;)
Hope you all had a good Monday!

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