Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Slowing Down

 Doesn't it always seem like this time of year goes by faster than the rest? Maybe it's just me. I feel like October flew by and I'm preparing myself for November and December to be really fast months too. This year I really want to savor the holiday season. This really is my favorite time of year and I'm determined to make it a really special 2013 holiday season :)

 This is another really typical outfit for me during this time of year. I love wearing dresses and just because the temperatures drop doesn't mean I have to wear them any less. I love outfits like this for all the running around that goes on around the holidays. The dress and legging combination is incredibly comfortable and keeps you warm when paired up with a jacket. Practical shoes are a must have for days like black Friday when you may have to run around like a mad person for some good deals.

 The truth is I'm biased because I just love wearing dresses and leggings this time of year. It's comfort at it's best. This dress was a really awesome thrifting find. The leggings and jacket are from Target. The shoes are my trusty Toms. :)

I'm really loving the cooler weather we have, as you can tell it's gotten me REALLY excited for this winter. I'm already thinking about putting up my Christmas tree. I love Christmas decorating and baking and don't think I can't wait much longer! Are you excited for the holidays yet?
Until Next Time, 


  1. Oh my gosh that dress is amazing!!!

    The holiday season always goes by way to fast. Especially in the south when summers are long :( I hope this year turns out better than it is looking. My job entails me working both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope I can at least get some baking and decorating done around my place :)

  2. working on both holidays?! what a bummer. Baking is one of my favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit. Nothing like pies or Christmas cookies!