Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Granny Square Blanket Update Part Three

I have quite literally been crocheting this blanket for several years. I've shared a few pictures of it before back in 2012 and earlier this year in August.

 It is comprised of four round granny squares. It's dimensions are 11 by 16 squares. My goal has always been to make it large enough to fit our king size bed. This apparently was a pretty lofty goal, as it has yet to be accomplished. 

 It is a project I always seem to pick up and put down and revisit several months later to pick up where I left off. I rarely tackle large crocheting projects so it is nice to have one to come back to when I just want to crochet without paying much attention to pattern ect. It really is the perfect project for colder weather months. It's nice to have a cozy blanket to cuddle up under while I'm working on it ;)

 This blanket is both Zane and Murray's favorite blanket. They both are laying on it as I type this. It was hard to get some pictures of the blanket because they both jumped on it as soon as I laid it out on the bed. I love that they both love it but it's had to endure a bit of wear and tear from their nails. I can live with a few holes. I'm just glad they love it so much.

I always feel a renewed passion for crocheting when temperatures drop and it has reawakened in me the need to finish this blanket. I have done so much work and come so far with it already, it would just be amazing to see it completed. Hopefully I will be able to stock up on yarn again soon and get back to this seemingly unending task.

What are some of your favorite colder weather activities?