Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fancy Flannel

There are a few things to me that make this time of year feel so special. You may be able to tell by this blog's name that autumn is my favorite time of year. I love fall for so many reasons. I love hot drinks when it's chilly out. I love festive pumpkins and ghords. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love candy apples and candy corn. I love all things orange. And maybe most importantly I love flannel.

 You may think flannel is more of a grunge thing, and yeah I do like it for grungey reasons, but this is about fancy flannel. Fancy flannel keep you super warm during colder temperatures and stays classy.

 This flannel is a recent purchase from Target. Both the satchel and oxfords are also from target.
The gray skinnies are from old navy several years ago. The belt is my one of my very favorite thrifted finds.

 I love shirts like this one because they're very easy to dress up or dress down. This outfit is somewhere in the middle of the two. I can see myself wearing this with heels or with my converse.

 The sad truth is this is actually the only flannel shirt I have, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more while thrifting. I would love a green flannel as well. 

 Do you own a flannel shirt? What is your favorite way to wear plaid?
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